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From the age of 12, I've dreamed of decorating cakes. For hours I would pore over Wilton Cake books, longing to create (and eat!) beautiful cakes. My sister Joy bought me my first Wilton cake decorating set for Christmas in 1979. It was so much fun to play with! I made tiered cakes using my mom's metal mixing bowls (I didn't have shaped cake pans) and learning to pipe frostings. At age 16, I decorated a cake for my Grandma's birthday. After that, life took over, dreams changed, and I hadn't decorated a cake since.

Fast forward to January 2022 - I retired after 35 years in the dental field the previous June, moved to a new place, (Kettle Falls, WA) and started watching The Great British Baking Show. Bells, whistles and fireworks went off! I remembered my childhood dream and decided I needed to make it a reality.

Since then, I've made cakes and cupcakes for new friends and neighbors. I've taken multiple courses through IAP, Rosalind Miller, Udemy, Craftsy, and of course YouTube-Univeristy. I love baking not only cakes and cupcakes, but also pastries and desserts.

I would be honored to create a custom bake for YOU - made with the freshest, (and locally sourced when available) ingredients and of course lots of LOVE.

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